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New single “SHAMELESS” out now!

Shameless is a call for action. A summon and a mantra to be repeated again and again. Let them watch. Let them talk. Be everything they don’t want you to be. Loose your inhibitions, the limits applied to women. Flourish in your vulgarity – be outspoken and spit on the shame. The movement has begum. You are the movement, in every step, in every word, in every choice. Shameless.

Shameless är en uppmaning. En uppmaning och ett mantra som ska repeteras och repeteras igen. Låt dom titta. Låt dom snacka. Var allt det där dom inte vill att du ska vara. Släpp hämningarna, begränsningarna. Begränsningar som fortfarande tillskrivs kvinnan. Blomma i din vulgaritet, låt frispråkigheten spira och spotta på skammen. Rörelsen har startat. DU är rörelsen. I varje steg, i varje ord, i varje val. Skamlös.

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New single “Time” out now!

New single ”Time” is about the struggles of the music industry and the constant battle to get enough money to pay rent without selling out

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New album “Revolution” out now!

Listen to AMONG LYNXs brand new full length album on Spotify for free!

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All songs written and arranged by Among Lynx.

Recorded in Stureparken Studio, Stockholm

Produced and mixed by Jerker Eklund

Cover by Among Lynx and Lennart Brorsson




New single from upcoming album


Single released in February 2016 and music video released in September 2016. First song recorded with drums!


New single from upcoming album


First single from full length album “Revolution”. Released on the 27th of May 2017.